A Few Terms to Learn When Ordering a Cake From a Bakery

If you are hosting any type of event, from a wedding to a birthday party or even just a dinner party at home, you'll probably want to speak to a baker as soon as possible so that you can order the cake you need and ensure you have it in time for your special day. Note a few terms you might want to learn ahead of time so you better understand your options and know you get just the right cake or other pastries for your event.


Bling refers to fake jewels that are added to a cake to make it look more festive. If you're ordering a cake for a wedding or special birthday, or just want something that looks very dressy, ask your baker about what bling they can provide. Be sure to have the baker do this; don't assume you can just stick some of your own jewellery onto the cake when it arrives! This is because the back of the bling pieces should be covered with a protective layer so they don't contaminate the cake with anything dangerous or unhealthy.

Cake interior

When selecting a cake, you may only be worried about its exterior appearance. However, cakes today can be baked with different colours for each layer so that they're just as attractive when cut! You might want a rainbow inside the cake for a child's party, or a checkerboard design to cake cutting part of your wedding reception more enjoyable. Talk to your baker about your options for the cake interior so you know your cake will look its best when presented and also when plated.

Cake pops

A fun alternative to a full cake that you might enjoy for a child's party are cake pops; these are small, rounded pieces of cake that are served on the end of a stick, like lollipops. They can be individually decorated for a fun pop of colour, as well as an easier way for everyone to help themselves to some cake.

Stand or tower

Serving cupcakes is a great alternative to cake, especially at an informal event, but for a nice presentation of those small cakes, you'll want to ask about a stand or tower. This is a set of plates stacked on each other, so you can display the cupcakes in a very grand fashion, rather than putting them on a flat plate or tray on the dessert table. A stand or tower also allows guests to more easily help themselves to those cupcakes when it's time for dessert!