3 Fun Alternatives to a Traditional Wedding Cake

Sponge cake. White icing. Tiers. Model bride and groom. Ribbon.

If this sounds like the perfect wedding cake, then this probably isn't the article for you.

However, if you're thinking, "BORING", then you're in the right place.

There are loads of fun alternatives to traditional wedding cakes. Whether you fancy something savory, are looking for a more interesting design, or just want something that will keep your guests talking about your wedding for days, this list will help.

Wave goodbye to boring sponge cakes.

Savory cake

There's no rule that says wedding cakes have to be sweet, and a savory cake is ideal if you're not keen on desserts. You could order a cheese 'cake', made up of several layers of different specialty cheeses. Choose your favorite fancy flavors and unusual varieties, and make sure you have plenty of crackers ready.

Wedding pies have seen a rise in popularity, and these can also be tiered. Pastry offers loads of different design options - you could even have your married name spelled out on top. Choose from traditional fillings like pork, vegetable, and cheese and onion, or go gourmet with fancy combinations like spinach and feta or cranberry and walnut.

Cupcake tower

Big cakes can be awkward to divide and difficult to cut, but cupcakes are perfect for sharing. Having small cakes arranged into a tower can look extremely striking, and is perfect if you like cake but want something non-traditional. Choose cakes with different flavors of sponge and icing to ensure there's something for everyone to enjoy. If you love bright colors, why not go for a rainbow cupcake tower? If cupcakes aren't your thing, brownies, donuts, and Rice Krispie treats can also work well; don't be afraid to use your imagination and get creative.

Fruit bouquet

Want a healthy end to your wedding meal? Then a fruit bouquet could be perfect. These beautiful arrangements can rival even the best florist's work, and better still, everything's edible. Your bouquet will be made of multiple colorful layers, and wooden skewers make it easy to share the fruit with your guests. You could even install a chocolate fountain if things are getting a little too healthy. For large weddings, several bouquets may be necessary, but for smaller gatherings, one should do fine.

Why stick with a boring white wedding cake when there are so many other options? Pick one of the novel ideas above or ask your local catering company for ideas.